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Internet Marketing

SEO - SEM - offers internet marketing services that include


Search Engine Optimization is not a one-time quick fix. SEO requires continual fine-tuning. You competitors may already be aware of this and have a head start on your internet marketing efforts.

We'll begin by analyzing your existing web site. We data-mine your logfiles to hone-in on your keyword traffic, visitor stay length, entry and exit pages and more. We then will evaluate if your existing pages correctly convey those keywords. We'll evaluate if you've named your pages correctly, have optimized your page titles, used headings properly, and more. We prepare a free report of our findings and propose a solution that will work within your budget.

Search engine optimization focuses on improving your organic page rank using a variety of techniques and does not require you to pay for advertising. Your business likely faces a competitive internet landscape. You should strive to get an early lead, create, maintain and enhance your web presence. We encourage you to contact us to get your website highly placed as quickly as possible. After we implement an SEO campaign, the average website will achieve page one rank after ninety to one hundred and eighty days. NYC SEO Expert continually monitors your results and adds content to your site to keep it updated for relevant words.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our affordable Platinum-only SEO package.


SEMSearch Engine Marketing requires you to bid against other advertisers for page positioning and to pay for each click on your advertisement. Instead of reaching page one results organically your bid determines your page rank. SEM is an effective method of quickly achieving page one results. We have encountered many clients who failed to monitor their SEM programs and were quickly spending over $1,000 per month without tangible success.

Like SEO, SEM requires planning and monitoring. By spending as little as $50-100 per month on SEM in conjunction with SEO, you can appear multiple times on page one of numerous website in specific locations. Our clients are pleased with the adjustments we've made to their SEM campaigns. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how NYC Search Engine Optimization can help you and your business build, create and maintain a winning internet marketing strategy.


Your website could miss every SEO metric but if you have enough followers on Facebook your site could still appear on page one. The frequency of your Twitter Tweets and your Wordpress blog posts impacts your SEO score. We have found many clients miss the social media component of their SEO campaigns - but it accounts for over 20% of your score!