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Microsoft Excel VBA Classes

Excel VBA wrote the book on Excel Visual Basic Applications (VBA) for students seeking to utililze Excel VBA to automate repetitive business processes. Our exclusive VBA class teaches you Excel VBA programming from the ground up. VBA classes are offered in New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and Tampa.

Topics covered include:

  • Macros: Strengths and Weakensses
  • How to Debug and Fix Macros, How to Handle Errors
  • How to Utilize Variables and Arrays
  • How to Write Programs With the Visual Basic Editor
  • How to Use If/Then and For/Next Conditional Control Structures to Loop
    from Row to Row and Sheet to Sheet and Make Decisions
  • How to Call Excel Functions and Write New Functions
  • How to Create User Forms and Call Excel Dialogs
  • Helpful Resources And Much More