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Excel Training

Excel offers Microsoft Excel classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. We have written exclusive lessons, lab exercises and excel class blog assigments for you to practice. is the only training facility that provides videos of the class for you to review online from the comfort of your home or office!

Our introduction to Excel class teaches:

  • Navigate with the keyboard and the mouse
  • Enter and edit data plus time-saving data entry tips
  • Excel math with formulas: Autosum, Average, Count, and others.
  • How to format and print an excel report
  • Create and format charts
  • Excel Databases/Lists - Sort and Filter data

Our intermediate-advanced Excel class teaches:

  • New Features in Excel 2007 and introduction to the work area
  • Advanced Excel Formulas:
    Named Ranges, Vlookup, Index, Match, If, SumIf, IsError, Text Functions, and many more
  • How to locate and fix errors in Excel formulas
  • Advanced Data Analysis:What-If Analysis with Pivot Tables, Goal-Seek, and Scenarios.
  • Database Features: Validation, Advanced Filters, Import Excel Data and Export Excel data
  • Automate Excel with Macros

Our exclusive Excel VBA class teaches:

  • Macros: Strengths and Weakensses
  • How to Debug and Fix Macros, How to Handle Errors
  • How to Utilize Variables and Arrays
  • How to Write Programs With the Visual Basic Editor
  • How to Use If/Then and For/Next Conditional Control Structures to Loop
    from Row to Row and Sheet to Sheet and Make Decisions
  • How to Call Excel Functions and Write New Functions
  • How to Create User Forms and Call Excel Dialogs
  • Helpful Resources And Much More

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